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Miracle Stories War in Gaza, Palestine

Gaza, that's a stretch of land with an area no more than 360 square kilometers. Being in Southern Palestine, "sandwiched" between lands controlled by the Zionist occupiers of Israel, Egypt and the Mediterranean sea, and surrounded with a wall along the land.

Israel has long been "eager" to master this region. However, let alone mastered, in order to enter into it only Israel is very difficult.

There have been many ways that they do to beat this small town. Blockade of Gaza meetings that make people difficult to get food, medicine, and energy, have been conducted since 2006 until now. However, residents of Gaza still survive, even the Zionist colonization resistance of Gaza intensified.

Finally the Israeli attacks "all-out" into the region since December 27, 2008 until January 18, 2009. They "mengguyurkan" hundreds of tons of bombs and mobilize all forces to the army reserves.

However, once again, the country that has pertained in the world's strongest military should withdraw from Gaza.

On paper, the ability of AK 47 guns, RPGs, anti-tank rockets, mines, and several kinds of locally made rocket, typical of the mujahideen of Palestine, will not be able to deal with Israeli troops backed Merkava tanks in the world's greatest known. Especially against a sophisticated combat aircraft F-16, Apache combat helicopters, and thousands of tons of "sophisticated bombs" made in the United States.

But there were "other forces" that make the mujahideen are able to make "the colonizers" were leaving the Gaza to face downcast, even armed with these weapons "ancient".

That Allaah help given to his fighters are devout and sincere. The story of the emergence of "other forces" who fought with the mujahideen, the bodies of the martyrs of fragrance fragrant, and some events of "strange" others during the battle, has been circulating among people in Gaza, wrote the jurnahs, even broadcast on the Palestinian preacher in the sermon-speech them Friday.

Here is a summary of stories of "magic" from various sources for us remember and reflect.

Forces' uniform White "in Gaza

There are "other forces" helping the mujahideen of Palestine. Israeli army itself admits the existence of the white uniformed troops.

One day at the end of January 2009, a family owned home Dardunah which is located between Jabal Al Jabal Ar Kasyif and to Rais, precisely in the way of Al Qaram, was visited by a group of Israeli troops.

The entire family was ordered sat in a room. One of the boys questioned about the characteristics of the fighters of al-Qassam.

When interrogated, as written site Filisthin Al Aan (25/1/2009), cites the story of a Mujahideen al-Qassam, the man answered honestly that al-Qassam fighters dressed in black. But the soldiers became angry and hit him until the poor guy was unconscious.

During three consecutive days, each was asked, the man replied that Al-Qassam fighters wearing black uniforms. Finally, the soldier flew into a rage and said aloud, "O liar! They had white uniforms! "

Other stories submitted by Palestinian residents on a site owned by Din al-Qassam Brigades, al-Qasami Multaqa, also mentions the existence of "other forces" are not known. Initially, an ambulance was stopped by a group of Israeli troops. The driver asked if he was coming from Hamas or Fatah? Poor driver replied, "I am not a ubiquitous group. I'm just an ambulance driver. "

But the Israeli army was still asking, "Army who dressed in white and white dibelakangmu earlier, the group went where?" The driver was confused, because he did not see anyone who was behind it. "I do not know," the only answer he has.
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There is another story this time Karamah mujahideen mentioned by the preacher Din Al Qassam Mosque in Gaza Nashirat areas that have been aired by TV channel Al-Quds, which was also written by Dr. Jamal Al Aburrahman in Al Qassam website under the title Jihad fi Ayaat Ar Rahman Al Furqan ( Signs of Allah in the Jihad al-Furqan).

The preacher told me, a warrior has planted a mine that had been prepared to welcome the Zionist troops through the streets.

"I had planted a landmine. I then saw a helicopter lowered a large number of troops accompanied by tanks who trooped to the streets where I planted mine, "said the fighters had.

Finally, the warrior decided to return to base because he thought that mine will not work optimally. Understandably, the number of the enemy very much.

However, before leaving the location, fighters had heard "Utsbut, tsabatkallah" whose meaning is more or less, "stay in place menguatkanmu God." Speech that he heard repeated three times.

"I'm looking around to see who's saying that my sn. But I'm actually surprised, because no one was with me, "said the mujahideen, as imitation of the preacher.

Finally, the mujahideen decided to remain at the scene. When a tank through the landmines that are embedded, sesualu a "miracle" occurred. Mine is actually a very powerful explosive. Tank who was nearby were destroyed immediately. Many Israeli soldiers were killed instantly. Some of them must be transported by helicopter. "While I myself are safe," Mujahid said that again, through the tongue preacher.

Story submitted by an Egyptian author, Hisham Hilali, in site, supporting the previous stories. Abu Mujahid, one of his fighters who do ribath (guard) says,

"When I observe the movement of tanks on the border of the city, and there's no one around, but I hear the voices of people who glorify and beritighfar. I repeatedly tried to ensure the sound, eventually I made sure that the sound did not come out except from the rocks and sand. "

The story about "unknown forces" also came from a resident of the apartment area of Islam Tal handak fled with his family to escape Israeli attacks.

On the steps of the house he saw several fighters cry. "Why are you crying?" He asked.

"We cried not because our state of being worried or afraid of the enemy. We cried because we did not fight. There were other groups who fought the enemy devastated, and we do not know where they came from, "he replied.


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